Control of Asclepias syriaca in the restoration of fallow land.

(NKFP6-00013/2005, 2006, closed project)
Coordinator or leader of the project: 
Török Katalin
Coordinator or leader institution of the project: 
MTA Ökológiai és Botanikai Kutatóintézete, Vácrátót
Short description: 

Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) invasion threatens sandy landscapes in the Kiskunság. In an experiment milkweed was treated by herbicide and the experimental plots were seeded with target grassland species. Control experiments have also been installed at milkweed dominated areas. The nursing effect of milkweed was discovered in the early phase of plant development for Festuca vaginata, the dominant species of the target community.

Project (team) members at MTA ÖK: 


Szitár Katalin, Török Katalin (2008): Short-term effects of herbicide treatment on the vegetation of semiarid sandy oldfields invaded by Asclepias syriaca. L. Extended abstract in the Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, 8-12 September 2008, Ghent, Belgium. 1-4.