Illyés E, Bölöni J (szerk.): Lejtősztyepek, löszgyepek és erdőssztyeprétek ... (2007)

Illyés Eszter, Bölöni János (szerk.)
Lejtősztyepek, löszgyepek és erdőssztyeprétek Magyarországon = Slope steppes, loess steppes and forest steppe meadows of Hungary
Budapest, 236 pp. Magánkiadás.

In the book the following topics are discussed chapter by chapter: (2) importance, site conditions and present range, (3) development, vegetation history and land-use history, (4) phytogeography, rare and valuable species, (5) main vegetation types, (6) dynamics, (7) actual state and threats (based on the data of the Actual Landscape Ecological Vegetation Mapping program of Hungary ;MÉTA), (8) nature conservation issues of steppes in Hungary and last but not least (9) we list some sites worth to visit.
-the book can be downloaded from A hardcopy is available on request from Eszter Illyés (illyese [at]