Szabó R, Fehér B, Szitár K et al: The effect of reduced ... (2008)

Szabó Rebeka, Fehér B, Szitár Katalin, Halassy Melinda, Török Katalin
The effect of reduced soil nitrogen on the plant composition of abandoned agricultural fields.
Cereal Research Communications. Vol. 36. Suppl. 1027-1030. Proceedings of the VII. Alps-Adria Scientific Workshop. 28 April-2 May 2008, Stara Lesna, Slovakia.

Carbon source treatment was applied on three sites differing in elevation, soil moisture and productivity in order to lower soil nitrogen availability and facilitate the natural regeneration process on an ex-arable field. The treatment significantly decreased the available nitrogen content of the soil on all sites. The plant composition according to the N demand of species was significantly influenced by the abiotic differences of the three sites. The vegetation’s response to the treatment could only be detected on the most productive site, where the change in the soil caused by the carbon treatment was the most pronounced. Thus our results showed that the initial soil characteristics had a great influence on vegetation composition change and the effect of the carbon treatment.