Prof. Éva ÁCS, DSc

GINOP Sustainable Ecosystems Group
head of department, scientific advisor
DRI Department of Environmental Chemistry and Plant Ecology
acs.eva [at]
+36 27 345-023
Brief description of the main scopes: 
  • Assessment of ecological quality of surface waters with study of phytobenthos.
  • Ecology and taxonomy of benthic diatoms in lakes and rivers of Hungary.
  • Morphology and molecular taxonomy of diatoms.
Main profile in keywords: 
phytobenthos, algae, taxonomy of diatoms, water qualification
Selected publications:


Rusanov, AG; Ector, L.; Morales, EA.; Kiss, KT.; Ács, É. (2018): Morphometric analyses of Staurosira inflata comb. nov. (Bacillariophyceae) and the morphologically related Staurosira tabellaria from north-western Russia EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYCOLOGY 53(3): 336-349.


Kiss Keve T, Genkal Sergei I, Ector Luc, Molnár Levente, Duleba Mónika, Bíró Péter, Ács Éva. (2013): Morphology, taxonomy and distribution of Stephanodiscus triporus (Bacillariophyceae) and related taxa. European Journal of Phycology 48(4): pp. 363-379.


Várbíró G, Borics G, Csányi B, Fehér G, Grigorszky I, Kiss K T, Tóth A, Ács É. (2012): Improvement of the ecological water qualification system of rivers based on first results of the Hungarian phytobenthos surveillance monitoring. Hydrobiologia 695: pp. 125-135.


Ács Éva A, K Borsodi, J Makk, P Molnár, A Rusznyák, M N Reskóné, Keve Tihamér Kiss (2003): Algological and bacteriological investigations on reed periphyton in Lake Velencei, Hungary. Hydrobiologia 506-509: pp. 549-557.


Ács Éva, Kiss Keve Tihamér (1993): Effects of the water discharge on periphyton abundance and diversity in a large river (River Danube, Hungary). Hydrobiologia 249: pp. 125-133.