Selected publications

The most significant, selected publications of the Centre for Ecological Research (MTA ÖK).

in press

Fekete I., Lajtha K., Kotroczó Zs., Várbíró G., Varga Cs., Tóth J. A., I Demeter I., Veperdi G. and Berki, I. (in press): Long term effects of climate change on carbon storage and tree species composition in a dry deciduous forest Global Change Biology More ››
Finsinger, W., Fevre, J., Orbán, I., Pál, I., Vincze, I., Hubay, K., Birks, H.H., Braun, M., Tóth, M., Magyari, E.K. (in press): Holocene fire-regime changes near the treeline in the Retezat Mts. (Southern Carpathians, Romania) Quaternary International More ››
Tóth, M., Buczkó, K., Specziár, A., Heiri, O., Braun, M., Hubay, K., Czakó, D., Magyari, E.K. (in press): Limnological changes in South Carpathian glacier-formed lakes (Retezat Mountains, Romania) during the Late Glacial and the Holocene: a synthesis Quaternary International More ››


Guiomar , N. et al. (Accepted): Typology and distribution of small farms in Europe: towards a better picture. Land Use Policy, accepted. More ››


András Weiperth, Blanka Gál, Pavlína Kuříková, Ivana Langorova, Antonín Kouba, Jiří Patoka (2018): Risk assessment of pet-traded decapod crustaceans in Hungary with evidence of Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens, 1868) in the wild North-Western Journal of Zoology: e171303 More ››
Abonyi A., Ács É., Hidas A., Grigorszky I., Várbíró G., Borics G. & Kiss K.T. (2018): Functional diversity of phytoplankton highlights long-term gradual regime shift in the middle section of the Danube River due to global warming, human impacts and oligotrophication Freshwater Biology 63(5):456-472 doi:10.1111/fwb.13084 More ››
Abonyi A; Horváth Zs; Ptacnik R (2018): Functional richness outperforms taxonomic richness in predicting ecosystem functioning in natural phytoplankton communities Freshwater Biology 63(2):178–186 doi:10.1111/fwb.13051. More ››
Balogh C., Vlacilova A., G.-Tóth L., Serfőző Z. (2018): Dreissenid colonization during the initial invasion of the quagga mussel in the largest Central European shallow lake, Lake Balaton, Hungary Journal of Great Lakes Research 44 (2018): pp. 114–125 More ››
Bátori Z., Erdős L., Kelemen A., Deák B., Valkó O., Gallé R., Bragina T. M., Kiss P. J., Kröel-Dulay Gy., Tölgyesi Cs. (2018): Diversity patterns in sandy forest-steppes: a comparative study from the western and central Palaearctic. Biodiversity and Conservation 27(4): pp. 1011-1030. More ››
Biró, M., Bölöni, J. and Molnár, Zs. (2018): Use of long-term data to evaluate loss and endangerment status of Natura 2000 habitats and effects of protected areas. Conservation Biology. Early view. DOI: 10.1111/cobi.13038 More ››
Copilaş-Ciocianu, D., Fišer, C., Borza, P., Petrusek, A. (2018): Is subterranean lifestyle reversible? Independent and recent large-scale dispersal into surface waters by two species of the groundwater amphipod genus Niphargus Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 119: pp. 37-49. More ››
Díaz, S., Pascual, U., Stenseke, M., Martín-López, B., Watson, R.T., Molnár, Z., Hill, R., Chan, K.M.A., Baste, I., Brauman, K.A., Polasky, S.S., Church, A., Lonsdale, M., van Oudenhoven, A.P.E., van der Plaat, F., Schröter, M., Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Y., Bukyareva, E., Davies, K., Erpul, G., Failler, P., Guerra, C.A., Hewitt, C.L., Keune, H., Larigauderie, A., Lavorel, S., Leadley, P.W., Lindley, S., Demissew, S. and Y. Shirayama (2018): An inclusive approach to assess nature's contributions to people Science 19 Jan 2018, Vol. 359, Issue 6373, pp. 270-272 More ››
Endrédi, A., Senánszky, V., Libralato, S., Jordán F. (2018): Food web dynamics in trophic hierarchies Ecological Modelling 368: pp. 94–103 More ››
Fóti Sz., Balogh J., Papp M., Koncz P., Hidy D., Csintalan Zs., Bartha S., Zimmermann Z., Biró M., Hováth L., Molnár E., Szaniszló A., Kristóf K., Kampfl Gy., Nagy Z. (2018): Temporal variability of CO2 and N2O flux spatial patterns at a mowed and a grazed grassland (Variability of CO2 and N2O spatial patterns). Ecosystems. 21:112–124. More ››
Kovács AW, Tóth VR, Pálffy K (2018): The effects of interspecific interactions between bloom forming cyanobacteria and Scenedesmus quadricauda (Chlorophyta) on their photophysiology ACTA BIOLOGICA HUNGARICA 69(2): In press More ››
Lengyel Sz, Kosztyi B, Schmeller DS, Henry P-Y, Kotarac M, Lin Y-P, Henle K (2018): Evaluating and benchmarking biodiversity monitoring: Metadata-based indicators for sampling design, sampling effort and data analysis Ecological Indicators 85: pp. 624-633. More ››
Mérő TO, Žuljević A, Varga K, Lengyel Sz (2018): Reed management influences philopatry to reed habitats in the Great Reed-Warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) Condor - Ornithological Applications 120: pp. 94-105. More ››
Móréh, Á., Endrédi, A., Jordán, F. (2018): Additivity of pairwise perturbations in food webs: topological effects Journal of Theoretical Biology (in press) More ››
Nagy, K., Lengyel, A., Kovács, A. Türei, D., Csergő, A.M., Pinke, Gy. (2018): Weed species composition of small-scale farmlands bears a strong crop-related and environmental signature Weed Research 58(1): 46–56. More ››
Schmera D, Árva D, Boda P, Bódis E, Bolgovics Á, Borics G, Csercsa A, Deák Cs, Krasznai EÁ, Lukács BA, Mauchart P, Móra A, Sály P, Specziár A, Süveges K, Szivák I, Takács P, Tóth M, Várbíró G, Vojtkó AE, Erős T (2018): Does isolation influence the relative role of environmental and dispersal-related processes in stream networks? FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 63: pp. 74-85 More ››
Schmera D., Árva D., Boda P., Bódis E., Bolgovics Á., Borics G., Csercsa A., Deák Cs., Krasznai E. Á., Lukács B. A., Mauchart P., Móra A., Sály P., Specziár A., Süveges K., Szivák I., Takács P., Tóth M., Várbíró G., Vojtkó A. E., Erős T. (2018): Does isolation influence the relative role of niche based and spatial processes in dendritic stream networks? An empirical test of a metacommunity theory using multiple taxa. Freshwater biology 63: pp. 74-85. More ››
Schmera D., Podani J., Botta-Dukát Z., Erős T. (2018): On the reliability of the Elements of Metacommunity Structure framework for separating idealized metacommunity patterns. Ecological Indicators 85: pp. 853-860. More ››
Szigeti V, Kőrösi Á, Harnos A, Kis J (2018): Temporal changes in floral resource availability and flower visitation in a butterfly Arthropod-Plant Interactions (12): pp. 177–189 More ››