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Brief description of the main scopes: 

- Phytoplankton ecology
- Functional concepts: functional traits & groups
- Functional diversity
- River and lake plankton

Main profile in keywords: 
Phytoplankton functional ecology
Selected publications: 


Abonyi A., Ács É., Hidas A., Grigorszky I., Várbíró G., Borics G. & Kiss K.T. (2018): Functional diversity of phytoplankton highlights long-term gradual regime shift in the middle section of the Danube River due to global warming, human impacts and oligotrophication Freshwater Biology, Early view, doi: 10.1111/fwb.13084 More ››
Abonyi A; Horváth Zs; Ptacnik R (2018): Functional richness outperforms taxonomic richness in predicting ecosystem functioning in natural phytoplankton communities Freshwater Biology 63(2):178–186 doi:10.1111/fwb.13051. More ››
Várbíró G., Padisák J., Nagy-László Z., Abonyi A., Stanković I., Gligora Udovič M., B-Béres V. & Borics G. (2018): How length of light exposure shapes the development of riverine algal biomass in temperate rivers? Hydrobiologia, 809, 53–63. More ››


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Borics, G., Abonyi, A., Várbíró, G., PadisáK, J. and T-Krasznai, E. (2015): Lake stratification in the Carpathian basin and its interesting biological consequences Inland Waters, 5, 173-186. More ››


Abonyi, A., Leitão, M., Stanković, I., Borics, G., Várbíró, G. and Padisák, J. (2014): A large river (River Loire, France) survey to compare phytoplankton functional approaches: Do they display river zones in similar ways? Ecological Indicators, 46, 11-22. More ››


Abonyi, A., Leitão, M., Lançon, A. M. and Padisák, J. (2012): Phytoplankton functional groups as indicators of human impacts along the River Loire (France) Hydrobiologia, 698, 233-249. More ››


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